Bagpipes, Firemen, Dragons and Alice in Wonderland

Sunday, December 11, 2011
 We took the children into our local town this afternoon to see this jolly old man.
Our kids know all about Santa, but the little ones are not quite sure, so it was a big deal for them. It was really nice to be part of the crowd (even though I hate crowds), and enjoy all the floats that came past us. I think it was Alice's first real parade. But before we saw Santa, we enjoyed the other things in the show.

Alice really got into the spirit of things, except when the Harley's came by - too noisy and scary for her!

Meredith and I want one of these dogs. Aren't they adorable!

The boys loved all the boys things. Teddy was quite in awe of the fireman. He wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, just like every other little boy.

We love our local St. John's, having had a ride to the hospital in one of their ambulance's.

The vintage tractor was a big hit.

We loved Alice in Wonderland.

Alice was taking it all in, enjoying it.

I always love hearing the bagpipes.  And the Pipe Band with the dear old Sallies takes me right back to my childhood in Blenheim, when they'd march through the streets at twilight playing Christmas caroles.

Lots of clowns. Do you know, I know several adults who have a clown phobia.

The Town Cryer

It was nice to see lots of nativity floats.

I loved the horses.

Lots of laughs at the Pink Panther driving the truck.

and the dragon was cool. . .

We saw our newly elected MP, Kate Wilkensen.

But of course the big attraction was Santa - and he came right at the end.

We have had such a busy week and weekend, we nearly didn't bother to go to the Santa Parade, but we're glad now that we did. The kids really enjoyed it and it was fun to be part of it all.
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