Hi, I'm Rachel Lees. That's me in the middle next to my husband Rob and surrounded by our 4 children.
Welcome to my little place on the web. Blogging is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.
The best thing about living in a democracy is freedom of speech. I don't take that for granted and I practice it here.

I have met many wonderful people through blogging and many lovely, life-long friends. I hope to get to know you too, so let me know where I can find you either in a comment or email me!

I love coffee.
I need at least 8 hours of sleep or I get very grumpy.
I wish God had given me the gift of being able to paint masterpieces.
I have had 4 marriage proposals, but I only said yes to one.
I've given birth 5 times, but only have four of those babies with me.
I was painfully shy as a child, but I've learned how to hide it.
I'm an introvert and proud of it.
One of my favourite things to do is people watch.
I believe everyone has at least one amazing story from their life experience.
I have experienced more of life than you would think to look at me.
I've done things in my younger days that I would be too scared to try now - like sleeping in a war zone, listening to gunfire echoing off the hills around us.

When I arrived in the world God blessed me with three things before I even took my first breath.

* I was born a New Zealander
* I am an introvert
* I love to write.


Elizabeth said...

Ohhhhh - whose been working on your blog? I LOVE the new look, and your family photo is gorgeous :-)!

Lovely to meet you yesterday!

Simoney said...

Rachel, I think we have a LOT in common. I just spotted your social media buttons - I have some like them on my blog. let me know if you;d like me to make you a bloglovin one to match xx

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