The Mystery of the Dead Goldfish

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
While getting ready for their first day back at school this morning, the children were going through their routines of breakfast, packing their lunches and new pencils and books into their bags, when Meredith  came running down to me to say that one of her goldfish was missing. They couldn't find 'Goldilocks' anywhere. I came down and had a look - there's quiet a lot of 'greenery' in the bowl now, and it could have been hiding. But it definitely wasn't there.

I stood back a bit, thinking over what could have become of Goldilocks. We were all starting to look at Theodore a bit suspiciously, when I spotted poor Goldilocks lying, very dead, on the carpet underneath the bench where the goldfish bowl sits.

Now how did that happen? The only thing we can think of is that she jumped out (can goldfish jump), or she and Janet were fighting (they have been fighting a bit lately around feeding time). The first thought was that maybe an earthquake had knocked her out, but there is no water around the outside of the tank or lying on the bench. And we didn't feel any earthquake in the night.

So it is a real mystery. Poor Meredith was a bit upset which was not a good start to her first day back at school. So I am heading off to the petshop this morning to find a replacement.

Do any of you have any theories on what might have happened?


Shearer's Girl said...

What a shame. Fish can jump, maybe she accidentally jumped out.

Anonymous said...

If there is not enough oxygen, or if the Ph is off, fish will jump out of the bowl.

Secret Sheep said...

Yes, we went through a spate of jumping suicidal goldfish. They were jumping away from a murderous goldfish.

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