Red Card

Sunday, October 23, 2011
... and a green card, a yellow card, and a little boy being a card!

Hugh won first prize for this sketch. The prize money was $2.

This was my afternoon yesterday when we trekked down to the Rangiora A and P Show.

I love A and P shows. They are really nostalgic for me. I don't know why that is, because we didn't go very often as children because it was expensive, and when we did we didn't have the money to try all the rides. I liked the swing boats best.

Remember those!
But of course they don't have them anymore. But the ferris wheel is still the biggest attraction, and the merry-go-round.

But it's like a little part of my 70's childhood that still exists. Maybe it's the small-town feel of the A&P, the animals on show - calves, dogs, lambs, bulls, ponies. And the dancing and the tractors and all the farm machinery.

We had to stop and watch the vintage tractor display.

It was fun seeing all the farm animals,

 although being country kids anyway, it was more of a novelty for my children to participate in the cheesy sideshow stalls. Like this one...

I asked them three or four times, "are you sure that's what you want to spend your $5 on?" (They were allowed one attraction (cost within reason - some rides were $10! And one thing to eat).
With five little bullets that's $1 a pop. I was out-voted and we slapped down the money - and they all agreed afterwards that it was a massive ripoff! Especially as they didn't hit anything.

But it was made up for when we went to the Pavilion to collect the competition entries that Hugh and Meredith had entered. They each entered some art, and Meredith did some candy baking.

We were thrilled to see 1st place for Hugh's sketch, and Meredith got some awards too. Very proud of them. It was so worth doing - and next year we'll have a better idea of what they can enter.

And while one child chose a hot dog, two of them chose candy floss. We had to stand in the very long queue to wait, very painfully as they only had one machine going - and the lady was very generous in stuffing the balls of floss into the large bags. She really got them very full to the top of the bag, but it took at least 3 minutes to fill per bag and some people were ordering 3 or 4 bags, so yes, it was a long wait, but what is a country show without candy floss? Really! We had to.


Shearer's Girl said...

You have talented children! Those small country shows are great.

Heather L. said...

So happy for the children and their beautiful artwork!!! Bravo!!! County fairs are so fun -- that's what we would call it here.

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