Snow At Last

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
After missing out on snow in Queenstown, we were gifted with it yesterday! What a treat! Everyone in this household loves snow. Well, Alice saw it for the first time and got a 'fwight', but by the end of the day she was loving it!

Five things I love about snow.

* I knew it was coming before it arrived, because the atmosphere goes suddenly silent. No birds, no wind, no noise, but very black clouds coming up fast on the southern horizon. Living on flat land we can see southerly storms approaching.

* The soft flakes falling - snow is so elegant!

* The memories of the USA it conjurs up.

* How pretty everything looks afterwards.

* Sitting by the fire watching the snow fall outside.

Here are some photos from yesterday. We had fun!

This is our front door. We even had snow drifts! Yay!

Alice has her first walk in the snow. Why does this photo remind me of the Waltons???

Don't you just love the unsullied purity of snow?

Snowball fights with our neighbours.

Snow just tidies everything up.

Our snowy little Lane.

I really love this photo of our door bell.


liz said...

Wow that snow looks amazing! My children are quite jealous, and also in awe of the fact that it is actually snowing the other side of the world. Not that we are having much of a summer here, my daughter said she bets you get blazing hot summers as well as glorious snow, so unfair! Lol!
I have got hold of a set of the Emily books by L M Montgomery and we are loving them, so thanks again for blogging about them. Enjoy the snow and have a great week, Liz x

Clara said...

Beautiful, Rachel! I have never experienced snow from the comfort and warmth of my home - I've only encountered it once on the road on a mountain pass... I would LOVE to experience it properly. It really looks so beautiful and fun! :)

Julze said...

Beautiful! What wonderful memories your children will have, Rachel. We are jealous too...we've had nothing but rain rain rain up here in Whangarei!

Max said...

snow+kids=happiness and happy memories x

Heather L. said...

Beautiful snow pictures!!!

Cate said...

I am sooooo envious! The snow looks wonderful - and what is even better is that it doesn't pen you in for weeks on end like our Northern Hemisphere friends!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Very envious too! Absolutely adorable photographs. So beautiful and looks so much magical fun!

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