What Is It Like To Be Married To Me?

Sunday, July 31, 2011
... and other dangerous questions!!!

These past two weeks while the children and I have been cleaning out the school room, sorting, throwing, organising, selling . . . I have been listening to my MP4 alot. Alot! I am in love with my MP4. And I love Especially right now when the New Zealand dollar is so good against the Greenback!

One of the best books I listened to was this one . . .

What's It Like to be Married to Me and other dangerous questions. By Linda Dillow.

Ten days ago I had never heard of this woman Linda Dillow in my life, but by chance I came across her book on audible and liked what I read about it. I had some free credits to use up and thought - what can I lose really?

Boy, am I so glad I read it. It is the best book I have ever read (and I've read many) on christian marriage.

She starts the book like no other book I've read before and gets you to imagine your funeral. Yes - that's right - your own funeral. She asks the reader to write down what you would like your husband to say about you at your funeral in front of all your friends and family. What do you want him to miss about you? What do you want him to remember about you? How you have impacted his life for good?.
And that's just the first chapter!

I listened to the entire book in one day, and promptly ordered her next, listened to that, and have another one of hers arriving from the Book Depository in a few days as well. I really like her writing style. She's an older woman (in her 60's I think) - has  been a missionary overseas with her husband for most of her married life and now lives back in the USA. She writes like a wise, caring, God-fearing woman and is really down-to-earth and very practical while being very Biblical. She also kind of makes me want to sit down with her over a cup of coffee and have a good get-to-know-you! I laughed and cried with this book - and it has given me so much to think about, so I recommend it whole-heartedly. In fact, I just bought a second copy as a wedding gift for a young christian friend who is about to get married.

Here is the 'blurb' about the book:

"Dillow understands that most women want more from their marriage–but don’t know how to get it. Dillow shares the best and worst things she ever did in her fifty-year marriage,as well as responses from her survey for five hundred wives. With a reflective study guide included, this is not a book about marriage; it is a book about how to live out marriage, day-by-day and year by year. Readers will come away with hope that they can be the wives they want to be, in a marriage filled with passion, intimacy and joy. "

Here is the link on amazon, and here is Linda's website.


Clara said...

What an interesting approach! It sounds like a really good book - thanks for the recommendation! :)

Jo said...

Hi, new here (Clara told me about your blog) - this book sounds very interesting - certainly got some positive comments on Amazon.

Rachel said...

Hi Jo - I always check out the reviews on Amazon too before I buy - and this did get rave reviews. Have you heard of her before - I never had - I really like her conversational style of writing. I'd love to know what you think of the book if you get it.

Heather L. said...

My library does not have that book!!! UGH!!! Will have to wait for it....I really enjoyed her book on contentment: Calm My Anxious Heart. I even bought it to give to a friend.

Cate said...

This sounds like a must-have book. Will need to track it down :-)

Elizabeth said...

Ohhhh - I have one of her books also, but not this one! Will need to check it out; it sounds inspiring!

PS - I think she must be older than 'sixty-something' if she'd been married for fifty years when she wrote this - hehehe!

Rachel said...

Haha, good spotting there Elizabeth! No, I don't think we go in for child brides these days. Will have to do some editing, but she really doesn't look that old in her photo.

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