Stormy Night

Monday, March 28, 2011
I do love a stormy night. And last night we had a rip-roaring stormy night. It hit suddenly with a vengeance, coming from the South. The first we knew of it was seeing the ears of the corn blowing hard in a northerly direction, then we looked up in awe at the black, black clouds looming over the city, racing towards us.

It was one of those storms that come upon you suddenly, without warning, and terrify the children. I had Alice clinging to my neck while the wind howled overhead, and nobody wanted to sleep on their own. I think this is what traumatic events do to you - even a little southerly, autumn storm can set the heart racing.
And then the power went out.

We have been fortunate in all the earthquakes to have never once lost power. But we lost it last night for about 3 hours due to the wind, and it was actually rather nice. Soft candle light is very romantic, very soothing and very cosy.

A power cut is also a good way of letting you know how your candle supply is. We need to buy more.

And 9 year old girls like to imagine just how it was for Laura Ingalls. It was quite a novelty going to bed by candlelight.


Sandy Addison said...

My kids now when it storms the first thing they ask "Is it going to flood?". The reality of ofur life at the moment

Anonymous said...

The best way to quell fear in children is to make it an adventure. Living like Laura Ingles would be fun but only for a short while. So glad it was not off for long.

Julze said...

I love candle light too...I'd be quite happy living without power.

Mind you, then I wouldn't be running this computer...

Cate said...

We had power out for over 12 hours with the storms last week. I have to admit that I love the candle light too!

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