How To Cut Up A Pineapple

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
I know that there is not much else in life that is more important than knowing this, right?
I once steam-rolled over my aunt and uncle in my attempts to show them just how wrong they were in the way they cut up their pineapple. It became the battle of Fiji versus Hawaii.

I learned how to cut up a pineapple when I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. I lived in a community where we all were assigned chores to help save time and money, and my chore was getting breakfast ready in the mornings, and the specific job I was given . . . cutting up countless pineapples (I know - hardship. How awful is it that we had fresh pineapples for breakfast. I won't even begin to tell you about the mangoes and the papaya).
Anyway, I had to do this. Every Morning. For about 200 people.

So I learned pretty quick the best and most efficient way to cut up a pineapple. And now I am going to share it with you.

Tools of the Trade: A chopping board, and a large, very sharp knife.

First, you slice off each end of the pineapple.

Then you sit the pineapple upright and from top to bottom, slice the rough skin away from the flesh, in strips. Moving around the pineapple until all the outer rough stuff has gone.

Then you cut right through the middle of the pineapple from the top down - cutting it in half.

Then cut it into quarters, so you have four pieces.
Some people like the hard white center that runs through the middle of the pineapple, but I don't like it so I cut it out at this point.

Then slice it up into nice long thin pieces. I cut these in half too, for the little children. We like to eat it fresh after dinner, just as it is - no embellishments.

So now you know how to cut up a pineapple - the Hawaii way!


Julze said...

oooh yum yum yum!

Thanks for sharing that VITFTD (Very Important Tip For The Day)

...I want fresh pineapple now!

Diane N. said...

Timely! I just bought a pineapple earlier today.

Where I lived in China (where labor was cheap) I could choose a pineapple to buy & the fruit seller would peel it for me. They would very thinly slice off the skin, then dig out those dents that remained, so you hardly lost any of the fruit. Wow. All for the equivalent (9 years ago) of $0.24 US.

I miss those times!

Cate said...

That's basically how we do it in Australia too :-)

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