A Red Pillow To Love

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I made this yesterday in 2 hours for my bedroom chair. I started cutting out at 2pm and was finished by 3:45 when the children arrived home on the school bus.

The chair in my bedroom was wanting something red and something squishy - and when I saw the free pattern and tutorial on one of the blogs I read, Cluck. Cluck. Sew, and just how easy it would be to put together, and so delightfully homey and comfortable and just a little bit old-fashioned, I had to try it. Also, I had some French General fabrics just itching to be used.

I love it so much. It was fun to make and so quick, which is what I always like.


Farm Girl said...

What a gorgeous cushion! Thanks for the link, will definitley be checking it out.

Cate said...

You are so clever! I'd be still trying to work out what to do 3 days later......

Julze said...

Very cute...and all done in 2 hours?? WOW! Great job Rachel!

Sandy Addison said...

Impressive and while you were doing something lovely like sewing, I was serving lots of people coffee - I know which I would rather do

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