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Sunday, March 20, 2011
This note was bought home by my 6 year old from his teacher.

My 10 year old son saw it on the fridge and burst into laughter. Several moments of loud and great hillarity followed before I could get a word in edgewise to ask what was making him laugh?
He replied that he thought it really funny and a bit cheeky too, that the teacher would be asking us to supply her with whiteboard pens!

I got the giggles then, too. It really does sound like that, unless you happen to know that the whiteboard pens are for the children to use. Does it make you laugh too, or are we just in a silly mood?

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Clara said...

The note had me puzzled until I read your explanation - I was wondering if country NZ schools were so poor that the students had to supply things for the teachers??? LOL!!!!

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