Elegant Bunny

Thursday, March 17, 2011
In honour of the Royal visit to Christchurch today, I have bestowed an elegant feed dish on Benjamin Bunny.
It is also in honour of cleaning out my pantry cupboards and drawers.

Benjamin Bunny is the newest addition to our menagerie, being a birthday gift for Meredith last week.

But he really needed a nice little feed dish - one that was small enough for him not to sit in and get his ... ahem .... you know what.... mixed up with the grain.

As I was placing the dish into his hutch, the plane carrying Prince William flew over our house. It's on a day like this that I wish I was important enough to be in the group meeting him this afternoon. I think, royalist or not, most people in Canterbury appreciate the thoughtfulness of our British royal family supporting us at this time.


Clara said...

Meredith looks like she is very happy to have a new little friend! :)

cate said...

What a gorgeous bunny - and what an elegant feed dish!

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