A Disaster of Our Own

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
The one in which my two year old tries to sink the house.

By flooding it.

Yes, she did.

After dinner last night, I sent the kids down to their rooms to get ready for bed. This was followed by cries of "Mum! Dad!" Come quick!"
When you have a child with epilepsy this always, always sends your heart racing, and makes our feet move faster than the speed of light.

But (thankfully) it was not that.

Little Alice has a thing for the bath. She loves it. There is nothing on this earth that she loves to do more than take a bath. So . . . note to self . . . if I ever hear her ask again on a non-bath-night, for a bath, go and check the bathroom immediately. Otherwise, this might happen . . .

The big kids got into it - helping collect the water and throw it out the window. My husband said he now knows why his father put drains in the floor in their bathrooms. With 7 children, maybe they'd had an experience like this once.

So this tale will go down in the Annals of Alice - Year 2. And we are off to town to hire the contraptions we need to dry our very wet wool carpet (the house is smelling very woolly). And I have loads and loads of towels to put through the washer and dryer - unless the sun decides to show itself today.


liz said...

Oh no! We did this a couple of months back when it was freezing cold. I probably wouldn't have minded so much in the warm, it took ages to dry out! Floor drains sound a very good idea! Happy washing, hope the sun comes out and its a good drying day!

Julze said...

oh no! I regularly "wash" the floor myself...but because I don't check to see if the laundry sink is blocked when using the washing machine. Arrrg!

Sorry to hear that you carpets are wet too. Yes, Drains sound like a good plan!
(((hugs))) Things can only get better, huh?

Cottage Tails said...

Oh boy - the two's have hit!

Love Leanne

Heather L. said...

I hope the carpet dries out quickly!!! At least you have some tile too!!! Silly Alice!!!!

Cate said...

Haha - sorry, shouldn't laugh, but having met your vivacious Alice, I can picture her having a party in the bathroom :-)

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