First Sale - Project 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011
I'm so excited! I made my first sale on my new-look felt shop.
It wasn't a huge sale, and it didn't make my fortune, but it's one small victory for me, since making my New Years' resolution that I would revamp the shop and boost my stock and focus on getting it up and running well.

I am the proverbial procrastinator. I also have a tendency to start projects with great enthusiasm, and then move onto something else within a few weeks. So this is a great accomplishment for me - to have started something and finished it - and still be enthusiastic about it!

I've actually made another sale since my first one, but it was my mother that bought some shoes, and mother's don't count, right? I mean - that's what mothers do. But this pretty little pair, all wrapped up in pink tissue should be arriving somewhere in Auckland today at a complete stranger's house. There is satisfaction in that.


Cottage Tails said...

ooh I am thrilled for you!!!

love Leanne

Julze said...

Congratulations on your first have presented it beautifully!

I have just had a purchase of my handmade soap. Your photo has prompted me to "pretty up" how I package it :-)

Have a lovely day, Rachel!

bettyl said...

YAY!! Congrats to you. May it be the beginning of many more sales to come.

frangipani said...

Well done. This week I also made my first Felt sale in quite a while. It gives you a boost and the encouragement to continue making and yes it's so nice to know that someone out there will have one of the items that you have put your love and hard work into.

Cate said...

Well done Rachel!!

How exciting and how satisfying to see one of your goals coming to fruition.

makeitgiveit said...

Well done you that is a huge acheievement. Great work I know 'mums don't count' but it is ANOTHER sale. Therefore you are a seller!!

Sandy Addison said...

Well done darling girl - Am so proud of you!!!

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