Cleaning Obsession? My Little Secret . . .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
If you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably start to think I have an obsession with clean bathrooms. Honestly, I don't. Really! But like all of us, I love the look and feel of a clean, sparkly bathroom, but that means that I have to spend a good deal of time in there at least once a week making it that way.

And I really feel that life is far too precious to be spending a lot of time cleaning something that's going to be dirty again in a few days, so I'm always looking for ways to make it quicker and more entertaining.

I blogged once on listening to audio books while cleaning that made the half hour scrubbing/wiping/vinegar-ing/polishing the glass shower doors worth while. Listening to Mr. Darcy wax lyrical or Hercule Poirot brush dust from his arm or Pip discovering Miss Haversham's mouldy and cobwebby dining table made me feel transported to another world where bathrooms are of no significance. But I have now found something that cuts down the shower-cleaning time in half. It only takes me half an hour to clean the entire bathroom now, as opposed to the hour of hard labour! And I'm probably way behind the times on this - perhaps everyone discovered this little secret a long time ago, but the answer is . . .

Shower Gel.

As Roberta from The Railway Children says, "whoever invented flannel petticoats (in my case - shower gel) should have a statue directed to them."

Shower gel does not leave the residue on the glass that regular soap leaves, so my glass doors stay cleaner for much longer. I really only have to give them a good scrub down once a month, if that. The gel is easier to use for cleaning your skin, and it smells good enough to eat - well the Body Shop shower gel does. I've tried strawberry, mango, cherry and now I'm onto grapefruit, and everytime I open it up I want to eat it!
I buy the large bottle, and it is more expensive than soap, but it lasts longer too. I've had this bottle for months and I'm only halfway through it.

So this morning, I gave my glass doors a quick spray and wipe with the glass cleaner and that was it. No more vinegar and textured scrubbers to get that scum off - it's just not there anymore.


Julze said...

I am not particularly fond of cleaning either. :-/ Once I get started though I quite enjoy it LOL!

Poppy Q said...

Ohhh thats a good trick, I might buy a small bottle and try it.

Julie Q

Heather L. said...

All I can think of is "Does Robin use shower gel????" :) :) :) I can't imagine convincing Michael on this one.....ha ha ha!!! however, I like the idea of no scum!!!!!!!!!

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