A Change of Scenery

Sunday, March 6, 2011
At the last minute we decided to scoot up to Marlborough for the weekend, just to have something different to look at, and to go shopping without worrying if the roof is going to fall on top of you.

 A beautiful sunset as we drove alongside the Pacific Ocean on the Kaikoura Coast.

We met up with Robin's cousin and her husband who volunteers with the Marlborough Sounds Coastguard (he's the Radio Operator - how cool is that)! We got a tour of the new St. John's facilities and the rescue boat! What an amazing organization. If I was free, I would love to volunteer with the Marlborough Coastguard. It sounds so interesting! From rescuing 80 year old ladies who have broken their ankles on the Queen Charlotte track to saving boaties in distress, to heart-attack victims, and even hauling the Armed Offenders Squad to the nether regions of the Sounds, I think I have found my new dream-job! Except last night when the wind was screaming around our cabin and the rain beating relentlessly on the roof and too noisy to sleep, I do remember saying to my husband around 2am or so, that I was quite glad not to be a volunteer on a night like that! Still - I think it would be fun!

Then we went and had the rest of the afternoon and dinner (BBQ chicken - yum yum) with my lovely Aunty and Uncle at their Marlborough Sounds home.


Julze said...

Looks like just what you all needed Rachel! Love seeing the smiles on your kids faces...and the lovely scenery in the Sounds. :-)

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

How wonderful! I adore the Marlborough Sounds with a passion. So happy for you all that you had a much needed weekend away x

Cottage Tails said...

bbbbuuutttt they said there was an earthquake in kaikoura. Sure hope you wasn't caught up in that too....

Weather looks nice - it was cold up here.

Lovely to see you too in the photo!

Thinking of yea all.

Love Leanne

Sandy Addison said...

I love your sunset photo - don't you love being in the right place at the right time and you can take a beautiful photo. Also lovely to see a photo of you

Robyn Jordan said...

Lovely photos Rachel. Loved the one of the family together.Time sure flies by doesn't it. I bet it was nice to forget about aftershocks etc for a few days. Marlborough Sounds looks beautiful sure hope I can visit it one day.Blessings to you all Robyn x

Cate said...

Lovely to see the whole family with smiles on thier faces, and wonderful that you got to get out of town for a while.

What is happening with Robin's work at the mo?

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