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Friday, March 4, 2011
In the first earthquake, I baked. And baked. And baked. In this earthquake, I sew. Just little things here and there - a distraction from the anxiety.

I am way behind on my goals for the year, but I plug away at them as I can. I haven't taken on any major sewing projects like I did last year with the quilt. So far, I've just been working away at little things for my shop on felt. Making them up first to see if  like them enough to put up for sale.

I love this ipod/MP4 holder. It's much prettier than stuffing my mp4 into my bra (and probably safer too), and hooks onto my jeans or anything else that's hookable, and away I go. On the back is a velcro strap to hold it in place. I'll definitely be making more of these for my little online shop.

I finally found a pattern for some baby shoes that will let me reproduce and sell in small quantities. I'm really enjoying making these. This is my first one, and I can see so much potential for embellishing and changing it up slightly. I love it in the red linen!

I've also been working on a quilt label for my Down in the Garden quilt. I ended up sending it away to be quilted as I was messing it up quite a bit with my amateurish attempts at machine quilting. The lovely Ros, who was doing it for me had just about finished it when the quake hit last week. She rang to say that her quilting studio is in ruins over in Lyttelton - but fortunately all the quilts were safe at her house in town. She was upset and coping with a lot, so it may be awhile before I get it back, but it's ok - I'm not in any hurry. But here is the label ready and waiting (just needs an iron). I hope to make more of these to sell as well.

That's my progress as far as my shop.
As this is my 40th year, I want to mark it by writing a book. The discipline of writing is hard for me. Thinking up the ideas is not. So I'm hoping that once things have settled with the kids at school, I've cleaned up the house and established my new routines, and the earthquakes settle down (hopefully), I will find the time to sit down and plan and sketch out what I want to do.

The first thing I wanted to do when the earthquake came was knit. Only a few days before I had said to my husband that I wasn't quite ready to do knitting yet (still in summer mode), so I found it interesting that knitting was the first craft I wanted to turn to after the 'quake. I found this gorgeous little jacket pattern online at Ravelry, and have just ordered my wool (online) for it in a light plum/pinky colour. I don't even know what colour it is. I had to find a 10 ply which was not simple! The pattern idea and a picture of the gorgeousness comes from Posie Gets Cozy.


bettyl said...

It sounds like you have things under control after all the things that go with a major trauma. The projects look really awesome and I wish you well with your etsy store!!

Bernie said...

Its interesting that you do some crafts, sewing or knitting in times of crisis. I think I would just run around in circles crying.

I love the ipod holder. How cool! The shoes are to die for. Makes me wish I had a little one to put them on. A bit too big for the dogs and cats.

Good Luck with the book as well. Sounds like you had a productive week.

Julze said...

Sewing and doing crafts is good therapy during stressful events...I hope you can get caught up with your projects ((hugs))

Thinking of you,

PS...loooove the little shoes too ;-)

Cate said...

You are so clever Rachel. Your sewing always inspires me and now you are going to bow me away with your knitting and writing too no doubt ;-)

Hope that you are coping with all of the after shocks down there - it's great that you can turn your hand to something crafty to cope with it all.

Have a great week!

Heather L. said...

I LOVE all your beautiful handiwork! Can't wait to see what you write too! Michael is turning 40 in a few weeks. He doesn't want anything big. :( I like big celebrations. :)

Posie Gets Cozy has the most beautiful knitting projects, doesn't she??!!! I've made 2 of her recent projects and love them. Can't wait to see how your jacket turns out. BTW, let me know if you get Victoria magazine over there or not. If not, I will send you the autumn issue.

Robyn Jordan said...

Love your craft items. I am the same with having to do... something when there is pressure around. Shame we couldn't get together for a sewing bee :) I am making some stuffed hearts for a drive called "hearts for Christchurch" and "Softies for children of Christchurch" Good to be able to do something with my sadness. Have tons of unfinished projects as well. Love quilting! Hope to have my blog up soon with pics of some of my projects. THe book sounds good Rach, still treasure your 1st one and keeping it safe for Grandchildren. Will always be special just like your beautiful Grandparents:)
Still praying for you all as you move one with this disaster. Love and blessings and of course a big hug xx

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