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Friday, March 11, 2011
Because we are all getting to know all about earthquakes - just in the last few days we've heard of them not only here in New Zealand but in Japan, Papua New Guinea, China, Indonesia, Chile. So because we don't know where the next one will be, and they seem to be all over the show at the moment, I thought it might be appropriate to learn how to say earthquake in a few languages.

地震 - Japanese

Terremoto - Spanish

Землетрясение - Russian

Tremblement de terre - French

Aardbeving - Dutch

Erdbeben - German

σεισμό - Greek

Deprem - Turkish

Jordbävning - Swedish

地震 - Chinese


Heather L. said...

Michael's headed to Japan on April 1! It looks like earthquakes are everywhere.

Diane N. said...

In case it's interesting, the Mandarin Chinese characters literally mean "earth shake". It's pronounced something like "dee juhn" with a sharp inflection as you say each syllable. The second character is also in a word that means "to shock." (I teach Mandarin.)

The Japanese written form is the same as Chinese because its a loan word. Pronunciation is quite different.

Ann said...

Only the French could make something so dreadful sound rather charming. Tremblement de terre...

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