Wednesday, December 29, 2010
A day of rain on a holiday can be a lovely thing.

Especially if the ground is like stone, the trees and garden parched, and you have a BBQ planned.

Not much fun sitting on soaked outdoor chairs.

So we had the BBQ inside, and it was just as much fun. Cousins and aunties and uncles. My oldest son playing the piano while his younger brother and sister danced with the little second cousins, while the adults chatted and played on Christmas toys and some even went to sleep in the corner of the lounge. I liked that they did. It's only with family that you can do that and truly feel comfortable.

And it rained outside and quenced the thirsty ground.

The sun is out this morning and it promises to be a hot day, so I am planning a morning in the garden.


Cate said...

We loved the rain too. The garden desperately needed it, as did the water tank. Going to be humid and warm today though...

Julze said...

We are loving the rain is the garden..and the weeds. I'm picking by your previous post that you must live in the South CHCH??

Rachel said...

Yes, Julze - just outside of Christchurch. - it's hot out here today!

Sandy Addison said...

You must be getting some of the rain we had over Christmas, it rained and rained. Lets hope you get loads of rain but not too much

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