Did Your House Look Like This Too?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
We've been in clean up mode the last two days. Company is coming for a BBQ tonight - so it was necessary.

I know that one day we won't have to spend two days cleaning up after Christmas, so I try to embrace it cheerfully. I was reminded of this so poignantly when I read this over at Clover Lane.


Heather L. said...

oh yes it did!!!!!

Sandy Addison said...

Yes plus 4 dogs

Sarah said...

Oh yes! I let the new toys stay out for a day or two and then I can't wait to find homes for them so my living area can return to normal! I feel the need to clear away the decorations and get the house nice and clean (plus my parents-in-law arrive from the UK on 8th Jan!!!

I like your living room by the way. It has a lovely light and openness to it, whilst also looking very homely.

Cate said...

Oh - I have an almost identical cabinet to yours! I now houses craft gear downstairs.

Trust me, you have MANY years of mess ahead of you - we still get it!

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