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Sunday, December 26, 2010
Ahhh . . .  Boxing Day. It is one of my favourite days. A good day to do nothing.
Except one of us has to go and brave the shops because we forgot to get batteries for Teddy's remote control helicopter!

Before I get into pictures of the food, here is a picture of Alice with her baby. It was the perfect thing to get her this Christmas. This baby already has had a lot of love. Alot of sticky kisses, and tucking in and bottle feeding.

I do like to do a traditional Christmas dinner, though I gave up on flaming Christmas puddings many years ago - although once in a while I like to try it out. But we have mostly embraced the trend for summer food - using fresh berries and frozen variations of Christmas puddings. Although I think I'm going to give up on the turkey. It looks so good while cooking, but it was very chewy in spite of my basting, covering and water in the bottom of the pan. We buy organic turkeys that don't have much fat on them. Might try roast lamb next year.

With our turkey we had Parmesan Potato Gratin (or something like that) which was out of this world, homemade Cranberry Sauce, gravy, freshly shelled peas and carrots, and homemade Punch.

Every year it is tradition in my family to make an icecream Christmas pudding. My mum does it, my sister does it. I have been doing it since I was about 16 years old (before Jo Seagar made it popular), when my best friend came home from the USA with a recipe for 'cassata'. I made it then, and somehow it has evolved into a Christmas tradition. Vanilla icecream with chocolate, currants (soaked in Brandy), peel, apricots, raspberries, crushed candy canes, cherries, all mixed together into the icecream and frozen in a pudding basin. Yummy!

We made all these deserts the day before, which made Christmas Day lovely and relaxing.
This desert is from the Christmas NZ House and Garden magazine - a rolled pavlova with cream and raspberries in the center and frozen for 24 hours. It was delicious, as it doesn't really freeze properly, but has that lovely chilled, icy texture to it.

And then there was the vanilla pod cheesecake. Decliciousness!

Of course, by the time we got to dessert, we were already stuffed full, so we have heaps left over, but in a family of 4 hungry children, I don't imagine it will last very long.

I hope you all have had some lovely eating - I'd love to see what your food traditions are.


Cottage Tails said...

Puddings look yum!
With all teh allergies & immune system overloads - we just can't have those anymore. Looking at yours made my mouth water.

Love Leanne

Cate said...

Gorgeous puddings! Hope that you had a wonderful day Rachel x

Heather L. said...

Loved hearing and seeing all about your Christmas!! sounds lovely and the food looks terrific!!! Ice-cream pud sounds good too. Must try that sometime.

First year we didn't have a Christmas dinner -- chicken soup instead. :) hope the stomach flu ends soon. Maybe we'll have a Christmas dinner next Sunday. :)

Anonymous said...

Ginny E...

We serve ham (precooked, just serve, room temp), a bean salad going back ? generations, homemade rolls, cranberry jello, Asian coleslaw, sauteed french green beans and pumpkin pie. This year we also added a butternut/cranberry dish, vanilla bean cheesecake and an artichoke/mushroom stuffing. There were 5 contributing cooks - family and friends

Sandy Addison said...

We had a BBQ this year with steak sausages and Kebabs. My dessert traditions are Pannetone bread and butter pudding and I made a pavlova from scratch

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