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Monday, October 25, 2010
It's Labour Day here, and we've just had my dear Uncle and Aunt visit from the Marlborough Sounds.

* I like Mondays that are holidays.

* Napolean Sqaure and Custard Square are two entirely different squares, and now I don't know which I like better, but both are very fattening.

* Buying seeds and plants is extremely satisfying

* This morning while at the garden shop I nearly bought a Basil plant on impulse. I'm so glad I didn't now, because my aunty bought me one as a gift.

* My 5 year old son has been carrying a pocket knife around in his pocket all day and wants us to rename him as MacGyver.

* There is a new crack under the eaves at the back of our house.

*  To avoid embarrassment, always make sure at least one toilet is clean before guests arrive.


Ann said...

MacGyver lives on. I am so pleased. I used to watch it with my Dad - and that was a LONG time ago! I should introduce my five year old to it. A x

Lee-Anne said...

Have to admit I love the Napolean Squares the best. Couplands around the road has them, big treat for me on days when I want to indulge.

Cottage Tails said...

MacGyver - times oh you are in for a treat! James was a MacGyver boy - age 6 he got a pocket knife, a MacGyver haircut. The pocket knife went with him evety where. It got lost twice - the tears! Once in long grass & our friend found it - totally amazing he took the time to look for us. James still has that pocket knife.

Oh enjoy!!

sorry to hear about cracks!

Love Leanne

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