Homestead Blessings

Sunday, October 24, 2010
I recently discovered the Homestead Blessings DVD series - through the popular Eyes of Wonder blog. With the exchange rate between America and New Zealand being so much back then, I put the series on my wishlist, never expecting that I'd be rich enough to afford the exchange rate and the postage. But not long ago I found that the DVD's were on sale and the postage not so bad, so I ordered one of them. The Art of Soap Making. Something I would really love to learn to do, but I've always been so scared to with the use of lye. I still haven't made the soap, but I reallly enjoyed the DVD - the West ladies (mother and 3 daughters), made it look so easy and simple and not scary. Plus I really enjoyed their company. And you really do feel as though you are in their company with their easy, relaxed way of teaching and sharing their skills and in showing you how to do it with their soft southern American accents.

Last week I ordered two more of the series. Candle-making and the Delights of Dairy (which I'm hoping will tell me how to make cheese and yoghurt from my kitchen). I don't know about you, but I am never satisfied with the scent that is in most NZ candles. Either they put in too much of a cheap scent, or too little of the expensive ones. I like the scent to fill the room while the candle is burning. So I figure it is best to make my own and get it how I want.

Then this morning I read on the West ladies' blog that they are having a giveaway of their newest DVD, The Art of Crafting. If you want to see what it's all about, go here for instructions on how to enter.


Clara said...

I've heard a lot about Homestead Blessings; I'd really love to get hold of them sometime! :) When you get the other ones, I'd love to hear what you think of them! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh - this sounds interesting. I'm interested in all of those things too - and totally hear you in regards to NZ candles!

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