My Baby is Growing Up

Saturday, October 23, 2010
A sign that your kids are growing older and more independant is when you have to move the bedrooms around.

Hugh is now 10 and wants to stay up later. The fact is that he doesn't need as much sleep now, but as a homeschooling mum of a busy and noisy household of four chatty children, I do like to have the evenings quiet, just to myself and Robin.
He has been sleeping in the same room as Teddy since Teddy's medical dramas a year ago, but because of the earthquake, Meredith doesn't want to sleep alone in her room anymore, and Hugh wants to stay up later, but Alice is not yet ready to share a room with Meredith.

We were going to wait until daylight saving was over, but the earthquake intervened, and we thought we might as well change around now, so yesterday we had a day off schoolwork and me and the two older ones got stuck in and did the transfer. It took 2 hours to transfer wardrobes over, but all day to sort through the boxes of mess, junk and treasures. Did I mention that my oldest girl is just like me at that age - messy. But she assures me she'll be tidy when she's older (I think I said the same thing to my mother. In fact, I know I did - talk about a deja-vu moment)!

Hugh now has his own room again, and Alice has a pretty pink room just made for little girls. And Hugh can go to bed and read until his light's-out time. (He is using Meredith's pretty bed for now, until we can get him a proper boys one. He doesn't mind because it's better than having to sleep in the pink room).

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Anonymous said...

Ah - it has begun Rachel! The slippery slope down towards having teens who want to stay up all night and sleep all day :-)

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