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Friday, July 2, 2010
We are crazy about Survivor. Crazy! And I'd just like to register a little protest here that we don't think that it's fair that they restrict applicants to Americans only (though I can see the logic in it). Otherwise we would be applying over and over again until we got accepted.

My kids play Survivor in the backyard. A warm evening outside will find the three oldest sitting around a 'fire' playing tribal council. Russell, JT, and Sandra have all been sitting in my backyard of an evening, and Russell once got very, very sulky because he got voted off.
I even got roped into making an immunity idol and a riddle to go with it. It went like this:

If you don't want to get voted off,
then this little friend you must find.
It's hidden where the birds don't fly
and the shine doesn't shine.

(Not really good poetry, but it sufficed for the kids - it was the nesting box in the hen house, in case you're wondering).

Last night was the 3 hour final of Survivor Heroes and Villains. I am aware that it finished in the USA several weeks ago, but as usual New Zealand is a little behind the times. Thanks to an online source, I was able to watch it as it went to air in the USA, otherwise I might have gone absolutely crazy, and I knew who the winner was, but I didn't breathe a word to the family. Thanks also to the thoughtless people at TV3 who screened the finale from 7.30 - 10.30 last night. I have very grumpy kids this morning.

We made buffs for the occasion.

And a shelter to shelter in.

Who was our favourite to win? Without a doubt it was Colby Donaldson. We are huge Colby fans. No matter what people say, there's at least one family in the world who still loves Colby. Don't be down Colby. Don't beat yourself up. You are great.

It seemed like everyone was giving him a hard time because he didn't 'shine' in the challenges like he used to in former Survivor shows. Everyone says he 'checked out' early in the game. But we think it's character that matters. He's honourable. He doesn't get on with cheats and liars. Those sort of people are not his friends. He doesn't like dirty play and he doesn't have an ego; so in our book, he's the truest hero of Survivor. They should give him a million dollars for that alone. Plus, we think his mum is nice.
Also, we think he'd make a great Survivor host, if Jeff Probst ever leaves.

We also love Rupert. And he's from Indianapolis. To think of all the times I have been to Indianapolis and I never met Rupert. I didn't even know he existed. We love Rupert and we love his wife. We think she looks a nice and friendly person.I once worked with under-privileged kids in Indianapolis. Why didn't I meet Rupert?

I also really like Sandra and Courtney. Sandra is smart and she's funny and she's straight up. After Colby got voted out, she was the one we wanted to win.
Courtney makes me laugh everytime she opens her mouth. I think she'd be a fun person to have around.

As to the other villains, we love Boston Rob. He's awesome. We think he's one of the best players that the show has ever seen. We love Amber and we think their baby is too cute. And I almost cried when that nasty Russell managed to get him voted out.

We loved to hate Coach. He's a fool. We loved him though. Survivor would not have been as entertaining as it was without him.

I even liked Jerri a little bit in this one, though I did not like her in Australia. But put her up next to the other villains, and she didn't seem so villainous.  

As to the most villainous of villains.

We don't like him. Not a bit. Not one little bit. And we think it was great that he didn't get one single vote for the million dollars.And we cheered when Sandra burned his hat.

We admire Parvati. She's smart, and if we were ever in trouble, we'd want her in our corner. But we didn't want her to win.

We enjoyed this season alot. We were disappointed when so many great people got voted out early. Tom, Steph, Cirie, Rob, Randy - but we were entertained. The kids loved it. We're going to miss these people though. You grow to like them. They are our friends! Well, most of them.

We're looking forward to the next one coming up soon.


bettyl said...

You, too?! I started recording the series that was on Vibe and I'm glad that it's showing all the shows in order from the beginning--we're at the first All Stars show right now. I didn't want to get confused about the players by watching 2 different episodes at the same time, so I am just hoping that Vibe will come through with all of them. I love the show and seem to like the same players you guys do!

Cate said...

Oh I am soooo NOT a survivor fan - but kudos for you hanging in there :-)

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