It Feels Like....

Monday, July 5, 2010
School Holidays!
Slow mode. Sleeping in. Stay in your jammies if you want to.
Have breakfast late in the sunshine, and Mum is not stressed out so she can cook eggs for breakfast.


Kelly said...

haha yes we are definitely in slow mode - it's 9.30am and we're just having breakfast still in our jammies!

Clara said...

yes, we are enjoying the holidays too!! Isn't it nice to put school behind you for awhile??!!

Heather L. said...

This is a beautiful picture!! The light and the colors and the children all combine so well. Why am i not feeling so de-stressed on summer holidays??? Hmmm...maybe I should slow down a bit. :)

Andrew is also really enjoying taking photos and sometimes comes up with a nice one. I think I like the first one of you best. I think I have the very same body issues, only I NEVER was a size 4. :) And, thanks to my newest sweet pea, I'm only fitting in a handful of my clothes. UGH!

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