A Rare Photo of Self

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
These days I don't really like my photograph being taken.
One, because my original size 4 body was stolen from me a long time ago.
Two, because my skin, while still good, is not flawless.
Three, I could do with a teeth whitening session, and
Four, breastfeeding 4 babies doesn't do anything much for that youthful look.
One redeeming fact is that my hair is still thick and dark, but I still spend many hours pulling out the greys. I've managed to put off the hair colouring sessions so far. I'm terrified I'd be that small percentage that have allergic reactions to hair dyes.

So typically, you won't see too many photos of me, and I'm usually on the other end of the camera anyway. However, last week - in what must have been a relaxed time of day; either that or I was too tired to care, Teddy, my 5 year old son asked if he could take some pictures on my new, fancy, expensive camera. And I said yes. What!??

He stood at one end of the table with the camera strap around his neck and looked oh so professional as he snapped some photos of me and Alice as we sat on the other side. When I uploaded them I was surprised to find that they were quite nice ones of me. In fact, I like them so much I'll probably use them on here and Facebook and our Christmas card until I'm too old to read the small print. But I can't decide which one is better, and which one I should use as my profile pic. What is your opinion?

I think this one is my favourite (except for the shine, but I don't have photoshop).

Or this one? I think I look like my cousin Leesa in this one. Still shine, but no yellow teeth.


Clara said...

They're both beautiful - you look quite young, in my opinion!! I think I like the second one better because Alice's face is at a better angle :)

bettyl said...

You take a wonderful photo and you have nothing to be ashamed of!

I don't like photos of me, either, but I have come to realize that the outward stuff is not who I am--it's just the package. I expect more perfection than my loved ones command.

Little Kiwi Chick said...

They are both very nice photos, Rachel! You look lovely! It is so nice to be able to picture you, now :o) I can see a strong resemblance of you in all your kids!

Leanne said...

ahhh you have a budding photographer?
Lovely to ""see"" you.

Love Leanne

PS the quilt event you went to I have stumbled on some ladies blogs who also went sounded like a fab time.

How you going on your quilt? I am still umming & arhhing what to do

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in both pics - so nice to see your face!

Rhonda Jean said...

You look confident, motherly and gentle. Don't let the expectations of how others think you should look get in the way of how you present yourself. I'm so pleased the soups are working their magic ways into your hearts.

Sandy Addison said...

OH Rach you still look like how you were when I first met you - scary thing is we are both getting older lets hope the years will be as kind to me as they are to you

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