A Lament for Summer

Sunday, July 11, 2010
When I turned on the tap this morning to wash the soap from my hands, I expected to get water.
I did not get water.
I got ice.

Having ice wash over your hands on a chilly, very frosty morning makes me long for days like this....

And while the winter sun is bright and warm....ish, it is not the same warm as you get on a day like this, when the Lees cousins have sandcastle building competitions...

or you get to swim and kayak and suntan and talk all day long with your bff Kimmie.

And the dead of winter makes you appreciate days like this, when the sun is hot, and the sea is cool, and you can walk around in your bathing suit all day long.

and you can leave the doors open all day and meals are fresh and fruity, and easy, and the barbeque is kept busy every night,

and the children are happy and carefree and entertained.

Oh summer of my perfect happiness. Why did you leave me? Why did you have to hurry away. I despair of your return  -  yet I know that you will come back. I will rejoice yet again in the friendliness of thy countenance and the warmth of thy sunshine.


Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, we have the fire burning & heaters running right around the clock up here in Auckland at the mo too!!


Little Kiwi Chick said...

I would send you some hot summer weather if I could!

Leanne said...

brrr ice from tap. We had a lovely sunny day - cool but pleasant in the sun - feels like winter.

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