Friday, April 16, 2010
Yesterday we met up with a friend and took the kids through Willowbank - a native New Zealand wildlife park. Because it is school holidays, it was very busy and there were bus loads of tourists coming through as well, but we still managed to make our way leisurely around and finish with a picnic lunch.

Look at this adorable mother duck and her babies. They are so well camouflaged in the water. How many can you spot?

The children had a close encounter with this little Wallaby.

And this Capuchan monkey has been a very naughty monkey just recently when he got out and explored Christchurch City.

I personally loved the Swans, although there were warnings not to touch them as they bite!

And I love Keas (native mountain parrot). They are so cheeky and so friendly and oh, so very beautiful! But Alice was terrified of them, so we couldn't hang around too long.

And this photo with the white Heron is not upside down.

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