Saturday, April 17, 2010
Great excitement this morning - a hot air balloon landed in the paddock across the road. It came very close to our house, and we thought for a moment it was going to land at our place. I ran outside in the chilly morning air in jeans and a tanktop - what a laugh the people in the basket might have had if they'd  noticed, so I quickly ran back in for my merino top - and had the camera clicking like crazy. It's slightly overcast today, so the pictures are not as bright as they could be.

Close enough to see faces.

Chilly morning shows on the face of Teddy.

This is my favourite one of the hot air balloon. Robin thinks it looks like a conductor in an auditorium.

1 comment :

Leanne said...

Love the photos. I laughed at rushing outside not fully clothed - as you do to snap a blog photo.
LOve Leanne

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