Breastfeeding Forever

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
I just tried to wean Alice off her morning breastfeed. Big mistake. Boy, I didn't realise my sweet little, precious, soft-voiced baby girl had such a strong will and temper!
First of all, the warm, milky Milo (a bit like hot chocolate but not as sweet) I made her got thrown to the floor in disgust. Try again. And again. And yet again. It hit the floor that many times.

Ok - maybe she wants her food first. (yeah, right)! So I mix up the porridge with some yummy fruit pulp, and try a spoonful. That flew through the air faster than a concord. Try again. I get both hands waving frantically in front of her face. There's no way a tiny spoonful of porridge is going to make it anywhere near that mouth. Then the tears start - loud and copious! Try again. Another splodge of porridge on the floor.

I have guests arriving for an early morning visit any minute. I give up. Ok, little girl, you win this time.
So she gets her breastfeed. And guess what happens?
The sun comes out. The rain dries up, and all is right with the world again.

Do you think that by 5 years old she might not protest if I drop her morning feed? I've never had a baby so attached to breastfeeding. They were all weaned by a year old, and Alice is nearly 15 months. I'm down to two feeds a day, but right now I feel like that will go on and on until she's 20!


Leanne said...

I BF Jim till he was 3 (re allergies) I think 2 x a day too.
One day he just said YUCK and that was it.

So maybe by 3 not 20 lol

Love L

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Perhaps you could start by dropping the night feed instead?

Either way, there are no absolute "rules" - just go with what suits you & bub.

Heather L. said...

Sorry!! it' funny how that goes. One of mine strongly protested at 12 months so I gave in and then he weaned himself a month later so easily. We'll see how it goes this time around....

Heather L. said...

About the crib, to put it bluntly :), I pulled it out of my neighbor's trash!!!! the funny thing was -- no one knew we were expecting at the time and my mom was with me so I just said, "It's too nice of a crib to pass up, surely someone will need it!!!" :)

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