100 Days

Saturday, April 10, 2010
Did you know that today is the one hundredth day of the year! Isn't that hard to swallow!
I know this because I bought myself a diary last year, determined that for the first time in my life (after many, many failed attempts), I would keep a daily journal of the year.
I was all inspired when I saw the book at one of my favourite home-office stores, kikki-k - fairly new to New Zealand, but really hot at the moment. I love the clean, fresh Swedish style of their products.

Their blank diary, in my favourite red, is simply titled; 365. Each day has the number of that day in bold red print in the top corner. And today I reached 100 without missing any days of writing in there.

So, can you believe it - 100 days have passed since New Year's Day. Last night as I lay in bed, I enjoyed reading through some of my entries. Some days were boring, some days were interesting and fun. Some days were too busy, and some days were sad.
I love to look through the rest of the book at the fresh, clean pages and I can't help but wonder what will be written on them. Already the year has bought us many changes, uncertainty, sadness, but many little pleasures and joys and excitements.

It would be nice if all the days could be as pleasant as Day 5, but I know they can't, that they probably won't, and that I probably wouldn't really want them to be anyway; but somehow I can't help but wish that I could go back there.


Leanne said...

100 days really????

A lovely journal to keep. Do you add photos?
Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

What a lovely book! I'm treating my blog like my year long journal this year - so far so good.....


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