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Sunday, January 5, 2014
I like the community of blogging. I like the creativity of blogging. Sometimes though, in the hectic chaos of everyday life with four children, setting up a business, building a new home and playing games on my iPad (did I just admit to that), it's hard to find the time to write here on my blog. I tried to start my own meme discipline, but even that fell by the wayside. So I'm going to choose one meme…. ok, maybe two if I'm seriously tempted and try and stick to that for the year.

But what to choose? There are so many blogging memes out in the world. I've been doing a bit of holiday-relaxing-looking-around-the-internet, and here is my list - and if you have one that you think should be added, please let me know! This is not a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination!

Book Memes

It's Monday, What are you Reading - This sounds like fun - post about your reading lists for the week.

Photography Memes

Instagram Blog Hop - I really need to join instagram so I can do this one!

The Gallery - themed photo of the week. I have been looking for something like this!

The 52 Project - a photo a week of your children. Hugely popular and one I'm considering because my baby is growing up so fast!

Wordless Wednesday - a photo post that everyone knows about.

Sepia Saturday - post an historical photo and write about it. This sounds like my kind of thing!

Photo A Day - themed photo - one every day.

Crafty Memes

Made by You Monday - show any crafty thing that you have made.

Project Life Tuesday - scrapbooking. This looks hugely popular.

Show and Tell - show what you've been making and write about it

Yarn Along - what are you knitting and what are you reading?

Food Memes

Menu Plan Monday - organise your eating for a week. I'm thinking of joining this one myself. I totally need to sort myself out on this one.

Writing Memes

Five Minute Friday Fight - write for 5 minutes, and then stop.

MamaKat's Writing Prompts - once a week a word or phrase to get you writing.

Miscellaneous Memes

Tell Us Tuesdays - link up with your latest blog post. Anything goes.

Wardrobe Wednesday - show what you're wearing.

Things I'm Loving - a post that celebrates the good things in your life.

Country Kids - fresh air family fun.


Leonie said...

mmmm so many link-ups! I'll be doing S&T of course and am seriously considering the 52 project - mainly to document the kids this year... Have you decided what you'll do?

Rachel said...

I'm definitely going to do The Gallery, but she hasn't started it up yet for the new year, so holding my breath on that. I can't decide for the second one. The yarn along looks lovely and I really like the idea of that, but I don't do enough knitting to justify joining it. So hard to decide.

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