Day 4 - Favourite Book from Favourite Series

Saturday, May 4, 2013
The last two days that we were on holiday the internet decided to be cantakerous, so now I am behind in posting my 30 day challenge, so I will catch up on the three days today.

Because I have several favourite series, I'm going to take my favourite book from a favourite series from Anne of Green Gables. I can't blog about books without blogging about LM Montgomery.

Why is this my favourite book in the Anne series?

Because it is a sweet escape from the realities of the real world, and it is a little nod by LM Montgomery towards the genre of romance/mystery. the story is centred around Anne and Gilbert in their first year of marriage, but the author takes us on a lovely journey around the village of Glen St. Mary and we get to meet Miss Cornelia, Captain Jim and Lesley West. Three of my most favourite ficticious characters. I love them like I love David Copperfield and Agnes and Betsy Trotwood (Charles Dickens).

This story sets up the rest of the Anne books and Glen St. Mary becomes the centre of their world.

It might not be the most sophisticated thing to admit that an Anne book is on my favourites list, but I admit it without shame - this is LM Montgomery's best book in my opinion, and I have read it over and over. LM Montgomery is a genius at descriptive narrative. Why else do tourists flock to Prince Edward Island seeking out all things Anne. It's because she wrote in such a way that they seem real. That they really lived and that those lovely people in her books were once part of the world.

So, for a book that really isn't all about the red-headed Anne, but about her friends and her neighbours with alot of life lessons and laughter woven in, you can't go past this story.
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