The Minefield of School Lunches

Monday, March 11, 2013
This is a sponsored post.

When the children first started at school, I really enjoyed making their lunches every night.
But now, with four lunchboxes to get organised, the novelty of that has slowly worn off in my desperation to find food that is interesting, healthy, nourishing and will actually get eaten.

My stand-by are ham sandwiches, and if the pantry is really empty then it's vegemite sandwiches. The kindergarten that Alice is going to this year insist on healthy food. And they check. At her last kindy they were more relaxed about it, but the kindy food police are most definitely on the warpath and I did get told off for putting a tiny little easter egg into Alice's lunchbox the first week she was there.

So, no more little lolly treats for Alice.
So it's ham sandwiches, fruit, fruit and more fruit, homebaking is allowed (what a relief), and I do manage to get away with a little packet of bagel bites.
But this week I have discovered a little treat for her - and actually all the kids - that is healthy and that they love and I don't get slapped over the hand for!

The school where the older children go, doesn't actually mind what I put in the lunchboxes. To the extent that my children tend to share their lunches out with friends who don't bring enough food. I do have a tendency to overload their lunchboxes. I figure that they are using up all kinds of energy in their day at school, not to mention all the physical activity and that they walk home most days. So I like to think that they've got enough food to keep them going through the day. I was really surprised to hear from my son that he gives away some of his food, because some of friends only have an apple and a jam sandwich to eat all day. These are boys who are at a crucial growing stage in their early teens, and I was truly shocked.

I was asked to review a product by Mother Earth. Their fabulous Fruit Sticks which come in little packets perfect for the lunchboxes.
Now, to be honest, my kids are normally not fans of muesli bars or fruit sticks like this, so I was interested to try these out and see if the kids liked them. The two we tested were Apricot and Chocolate and Raspberry.

I told them that they had to give me their honest opinion. Even if they hated them.
I tried one myself, and they are really delicious. The kids loved them and asked for a second one straight away. I put the boxes back in the pantry, but a few minutes later what do I find, but Miss Alice sneaking her hand into one of them.  So I put them higher up on the shelf!

So, if you are looking for something yummy and nutricious, and that kindy will approve of, the Mother Earth fruit sticks are great! And they're priced well too. There are 8 bars in a box for $3.49 (Countdown), and that will last me two school days - if I keep the boxes high enough where little fingers can't get into them. It just helps that I have something different to add to the variety of their lunchboxes.

Made in New Zealand too.


bettyl said...

I think it's awful that the school tells you what to feed your kids. What about the ones that can't afford healthy food, I figure something is better than nothing!

I haven't tried this brand, so I'll have to look for it.

Rachel said...

Yes, I had a little growly, grumble about it too, but just to clarify the school is fine (as in, they don't care much) about it, it's just the kindy who are policing the lunchboxes. In the end I had to just laugh about it. :)

Sandy Addison said...

I liked these when Oscar was little. also their Raspberry and white chocolate bars are a hit too.

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