Miss Alice Learns To Swim

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
Once a week I go down to the kindy to watch Alice swim. It's such fun time.
They use the school pool and I love walking through the school with the kindy teachers and the other mums holding hands, like a train, with all the kids, as we walk to the pool.

I think it's Alice's favourite part of the week. She loves the water! And they have one-on-one teaching time with the teachers. I love these kindy teachers. They are so wonderful, and they love Alice. She has settled in so well to her new kindy. Every morning when she arrives she calls out a cheerful 'hello' to them as she comes in, and they always recognize her and call her by name and tell her that they're glad to see her. And it's genuine too, and I think she knows that instinctively and she's so happy there.

But anyway, back to the swimming lesson. It's so fun walking with the group down to the pool. Here is Alice in her sun hat as we get ready to go.

 Time to get in.

 This week she was learning to swim with Mrs. Lees (no relation). She thinks it's so fun that a kindy teacher has her same last name.

Learning to blow bubbles.

Rides on the fast train.

In the pool with everyone.

Only a few more weeks left for swimming, before we say goodbye to the pool for the winter season. I'm so glad I get to enjoy this time with her. It's so much fun.
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