It Creeps Up On You

Saturday, February 9, 2013
This week I have had a few reminders that I am no longer in the Springtime of my life. The funny thing is that my mind hasn't quite caught up, so when I had to visit the Physio this week for knee trouble it began to dawn on me that I'm probably classified as middle-aged now! When did that happen! It's kind of a shock!

This is how I think of myself in my mind.... that magical age of 17.

But my knees have developed this strange crunching sound. The doctor told me that it's a result of bearing children. My hips are realigning themselves after 4 years of no pregnancies and so my knees have to realign at the same time and they haven't taken too kindly to it... so I'm on 3 times a day exercises to strengthen the muscles to retrain my knees.

And then today I go to the optometrist to get my eyes looked at, seeing as I haven't been in over 8 years, and my husband was complaining that the frames on my glasses are way out of date - like maybe 20 years out of date. So just for that he now has to pay for Gucci Frames!! Haha - I'm so excited to get them. I figured that one pair of frames in 20 years is not such a financial hardship, so I could treat myself with a LABEL. But the one consolation of having to go to the optometrist is that I am told I have very boring eyes and perfect eyesight! And I only need the glasses for eyestrain brought on by liking the computer and reading books too much.

And then - after building up my ego - he tells me to be sure to not leave another checkup for another 8 years, as my eyesight will probably start to go downhill in about 5 years. 

How's that for the pill in all the jam?

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