Feeling a Bit Grumpy Today

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Today it is 13 years since my first child was born. 13 years since I first experienced childbirth, and it was a rough one - Hugh was born into the world with much travail, but God sure has blessed us with him - he is amazing. I often feel humbled that God gave him to us because he is such a good kid. Sure, he has the occasional issue, but he is so easy to parent and gives us more joy than pain, and we are looking forward to celebrating with him, later today.

But today has been a mixed bag of negative things to deal with, birthday aside.
I've had to deal with an issue at school involving Theodore. Spoke with the principal about it, but still not 100% happy with the outcome from that. So will be keeping an eye closely on it. I guess sometimes we have to be advocates for our children, and I might look quiet and seem quiet, but I am not really. As one of my dear friends said to me lately, I am a 'closet rebel'. LOL. And my parents would probably agree to that. So look out!

The other thing that happened was that Cricket - our 10 year old dog - has arthritis and ran out of his medicine yesterday, so I rang to order some more, but nobody got back to me about it, so I called in today to the vet clinic and they had completely forgotten about it, and the vet was away today - so felt a bit discouraged at that too - probably coming on top of the other thing with the school.

Then I come home and log onto facebook, and honestly, I'm getting fed up (and almost at the point of wanting to bite back) with friends posting/sharing from other sites that are blatently offensive to my beliefs and values. Traditionally, christians are 'supposed' to turn the other cheek, but I'm getting annoyed, because if we challenge them on their beliefs, all hell is let loose.

I am not one to do that, to be honest. I would rather shrug it off or just ignore it, and I do in the main, but there is so much out there at the moment poking fun at those of us who believe in God. Just starting to get a wee bit nettled about that. Just saying. Whether these people think we are stupid or not, I don't post stuff telling the world I think they are stupid. The intolerance these days towards christians is incredible, not surprising given the state of the world, but still - incredible. If my friends think I'm being brainwashed then engage me in conversation about it - I might think they are being brainwashed too. It goes both ways doesn't it.

So, yeah, feeling a bit on the offensive today.


Anonymous said...

It is times like this that I am especially grateful that God is totally in control - that no amount of our sin or others' sin can throw His plan off track. He will accomplish what He has set out to do. Be encouraged! It's all right to be Momma Bear where your cubs are concerned.

Ginny E

mother of pearl said...

Rachel, I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I just want to say that I always appreciate you and your blog. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and don't let others steal your joy. It will all work out all right
Have a beautiful day.

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