My Favourite Christmas Tree Ornaments This Year

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
I am loving this year. It is giving me so many ideas for Christmas and for my Christmas party coming up in two weeks time.

I saw this on pinterest and loved it.

But unfortunately with the cost of postage and the exchange rate, it's not going to be possible. If I only had one child, then I could have done it, but......

So I got to thinking  how I could do it in an easier and cheaper way, when I saw these balls at Farmers Department Store at half price, and they were just crying out for a Sharpie pen to decorate them.

So this is what I made! Here is the front.....

And here is the back...

It may not be as professional-looking as the one I pinned on pinterest, but at least it records the important information. And I kind of love it. And I'm thinking that next year I can get a different coloured ball. White and red is my theme this year.

The other ornament that I am loving this year is this ...

The Christchurch city cathedral, now lying in ruins thanks to the earthquake. I ordered this almost exactly a year ago from The Christmas Hut at Northlands Mall, and it didn't arrive until after we had moved here to Tauranga. I've had it sitting on my kitchen windowsill all year, and now it is on the tree.

And here is my tree. This is for our Christmas Party, as we are going up to the beach house for Christmas Day, and taking a smaller white Christmas tree for decorating up there for our beach Christmas.

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Alicia Conway said...

I love your idea so much. Nothing too catchy, and the same time so original!

Probably, you'll find something useful for you among my ideas for NY preparations here:


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