A Christmas Tea Party and Planning Session

Friday, December 7, 2012
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In the space of the next two weeks, I have a massive list of things to get through.
A boy's 8th birthday part tomorrow with no less than 17 children.
A family party on Sunday (the actual birthdate), to sing Happy Birthday - which means 2 cakes to be made.
I also have prizegivings and morning teas at school next week, and a Christmas Party on Saturday night that I am hosting. Following that, we are packing up for a Christmas at the beach, and all the little things in between, such as hospital appointments, sailing lessons, baking and wrapping and shopping that need to get done.... so last night Rob and I sat down for our first, of many, planning sessions
Homemade hot chai, and Christmas cake from Bakers Delight.....

And before we knew it, it was half gone already! Ooops.
But it was so easy. Light and nutty and spicy and fruity, it was so easy to have another slice. If you don't really like heavy fruit cake, this would be perfect.

Today, Alice and I finished it off with a couple of mini Christmas cake muffins. Our own little Christmas tea-party. There was a powercut here, right through the city, in the middle of a storm too, and at 2pm in the afternoon it was a little dark and brooding for this time of year, so nice to warm it up with hot tea (and milo) and Christmassy food.

Alice rather got into it!


A little bit Country said...

Love your blog - I spent all of my twenties working and travelling. Just over 4 years ago I came home back to NZ with my Englishman to raise our children. There really is no place like home!

Heather L. said...

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas!!!! Loved your card -- thank you!!! And that fruitcake looks wonderful! Just making mine today -- late, I know, but not being truly British it won't make a difference. :)

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