Tomato Growing in a Fertile Paradise

Monday, October 15, 2012
Ok, so maybe Tauranga isn't Paradise - afterall, I haven't forgotten about the cockroaches who are about to return with the onset of warmer weather. But everything here seems to grow fast. And I mean fast!

I suppose it's the semi-tropical climate - lots of rain, lots of sun. But three weeks ago I bought three tiny tomato plants from the gardening store with the intention of growing them in pots. We are renting a house and I don't know how long it will be for, so I hate to plant anything permanent at the moment.

And I go out to my little tomato plants this morning to water them after 3 days of neglect because of storms, and what do I find. That one is needing staking and that there are little yellow flowers on all the plants! Excitement! After battling the winds of Canterbury and my poor vegetable garden suffering and being stunted because of it, and giving up on tomato plants after the first year, I am so thrilled to see flowers, and the plants are not battered to bits!

And inside, I have heritage tomato seeds growing fast too in a little planter, hastening towards the day when I plant them out into their own, grown-up pot.
I'm looking forward to eating them and popping them into our salads this summer.

And my outside plants...


                         Patio Prize                                  Sunshine 100                     Sweet 100

Any hints or tips you have on growing tomatoes, or what I need to feed them with, or do to them, I would welcome any advice.

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