I Do Love A Big Fat Ginger Cat

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Much to the delight of our children, we have two cats who like to visit us in the evening. They must be well fed, because we offered one of them some fresh fish and they turned it down!

I love ginger cats. If we ever get a cat, I want a ginger one.

This one is not vey fat, but if I had one, I'd like him to be fat.

He must be the boss, because shorthly before this photo was taken, I saw him box the ears of the black cat, who my kids have nicknamed Jag, because he looks a bit like their cousin Kathryn's cat.

This one began stalking the bunny.

I think they even touched noses at one point.

1 comment :

bettyl said...

I hadn't had a cat in years before I moved to NZ, but they seem to love me!! Those two are beautiful!

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