Selling My House

Friday, December 2, 2011
There's one thing about moving that I like - it makes you get rid of junk.
Each day I have been systematically going through one room per day and getting it ready to pack up. I started in the boys' room, moved on to Meredith's. Cleaned all the 4 bathrooms in this house and today I am going to work on Alice's room.

Our house went 'live' on the internet yesterday. Here are three places you can go to have a wee nosy.
In the past I didn't really like to post too many photos of my house and the location of where I live on my blog, but it doesn't matter now, when we will be gone from here in 2 months time.

I am still wrestling with the reality that we will be leaving our lovely home - who knows what new place we will have in Tauranga and what that will be like, but I know one thing - I will probably never have a home like this again - it has been perfect for us. Perfect size, perfect location, perfect neighbours, perfect internal 'features', perfect number of bathrooms, - just everything about it I have loved. I do admit to feeling a bit resentful when the real estate agents came through to have a look the other day.

The photographer who came to take photos for open2view was very complimentary about the house, but I actually like the photos I took much better. What do you think?


Mother of Pearl said...

Wow - what a lovely home. I'd certainly buy it if it weren't on the other side of the world from my husband's job.

Have a beautiful day.

Julia said...

I definitely like your pics better! You have a beautiful home Rachel :-)

Heather L. said...

Awwww....your house is so beautiful. I'm so glad I got to have a tour of it because I hadn't really been able to figure it out from your blog. Yes, your pictures are much warmer and more like a magazine than the ones posted on the first listing. I can see how sad you will be to leave it. I do pray God provides for you in the new place and leads you to a good home.

vegemitevix said...

Your home is beautiful. I love how you've decorated it and the sense of space. I'd buy it if I wasn';t committed to the UK for at least another two years. Vx

Ofelia Bertrand said...

How did the sale go? Yes, there are a lot of emotions associated in selling a house, especially when you’re preparing it for the buyers. That’s why you have to be 100% sure that you’re selling a house, so you can fully commit to it. Well, your commitment is very evident in these photos; hope you didn’t have a hard time selling the house.

Calvin Mordarski said...

You have a wonderful house, Rachel. I’m sure that buyers were overwhelmed the moment they saw this place. Your home is just spacious and so flexible for renovations. Whoever the new owner is, he or she is definitely lucky. :]

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