Winter Ills

Wednesday, September 7, 2011
I've had Teddy home from school for three days. At first it was because of conjunctivitis. My worst nightmare (apart from vomitting bugs). Everytime I get conjunctivitis I have to go to my opthalmologist because I have a susceptability to corneal infections, which can be dangerous. So I have to basically turn the house into an isolation ward everytime anyone gets something like this, so lots of washing and lots of alcohol hand sanitizer.

I took him to the doctor yesterday and it turns out he has a nasty ear infection as well, so we're now calling him the 'medicine man'. Two medicines for his epilepsy, antibiotics for his ears, eyedrops for his eyes and Pamol to help the healing process.

But he is loving his days at home. Simply because a wonderful work colleague of Rob's loaned us the Wii. I had his older brother try and muster up an illness this morning so he could stay home from school too - and I know why! Do these kids think I don't know what they're getting up to - they are old tricks - have been tried and tested by me when I was their age - only it wasn't to play the Wii back then, it was to read my new Nancy Drew book.

Does this boy look sick to you?

On a really positive note though, I had a call from the school yesterday where we have applied for our children to attend when my oldest son hits highschool. They were just ringing to say they were processing the applications, but I had the loveliest chat with the administrator - and what is the best thing is that the head of the junior highschool is my old teacher from Blenheim - the best teacher I ever had. I would so love my kids to be under him at school. What a blessing!


Rebekah S. said...

Oh my are you busy! Poor kid can't get a break from the sickies. I must say it is funny to watch him on the Wii. At least it keeps him occupied. It's not always fun when your in quarantine at home. I remember trying to get out of school myself. I think it only happened once in my life where I got to stay home and play hooky. The rest I was either really sick in bed OR well enough to be at school.

It's so funny to see your in winter too. It's fall here. The leaves are about to turn and finally the heat is subsiding. My favorite time of year. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, stew and chili season. Yummy!

Mother of Pearl said...

My kids get pink eye every year. It always seems to go around and around and back and forth. We wash hands to no avail - it seems like the I wash hands so carefully and then one of the kids will sneeze straight into my face and then I have it too. I hope it passes quickly from your house.

Shearer's Girl said...

I'd forgotten about Nancy Drew, I used to like those books.

Cate said...

I have to laugh - I used to fake sickies too to read my Trixie Beldon books :-)

Hope that the conjunctivitis and other bugs clear up quickly.

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