Sad News

Sunday, August 21, 2011
I was saddened to hear this morning that New Zealand writer Dame Chris Cole Catley passed away in Auckland today. She has been influential in my life, in that she kindly edited my first children's book for me back in 2006, before it went to publication. She was a personal friend and neighbour of my aunty and gave me such wonderful advice and help, and was very kind and generous with her wisdom and experience to me, a fledgling, unknown writer, so I was really sorry to hear that she has died due to cancer.

I've only been able to be online very sporadically this week as my laptop crashed and is in the shop having data transfered to a new laptop, so we are using the very old computer and it plays up. Alot. But I wanted to stop in here and blog about Chris and the impact she had on my life.
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