Weird Things Happening

Monday, June 13, 2011
Volcanic Ash cloud from Chile stretching right across the horizon today. You can tell because of the slightly ochre colour in the cloud.

And Spring Jonquils in the garden. I only planted them 6 weeks ago. And it's not even the middle of winter yet. Weirdness.


Heather L. said...

Hi Rachel! Haven't said hello in awhile! Funny to have spring blossoms blooming before winter is even over! I think we're to have cooler weather this week (70's) after a week with high 90's. Summer is hot over here!

Clara said...

Yeah, everything in the world seems to be messed up, even the plants - our wild buttercups are blooming on our property too - it's really weird. Between that and all the volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes... etc, it seems like the very earth is crying out or something! :(

~Rebekah~ said...

My friend Viv told me Christchurch had a couple more quakes, though I don't see anything on your page. Just wondering if it may have been a tremor a few weeks ago she was talking about or if you really have one? Either way I've come to check on you and your husband and the kids.

Eerie things happening. How odd the spring flowers are coming through already.

Praying your okay. I put a prayer request on my blog though I'm not sure if you had an actual quake at Christchurch or not. I don't see anything yet online and haven't seen the news today.

Love to you my friend.

Shearer's Girl said...

Lovely last flower picture.

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