No Snow, No Facial, No Vomit.... Please

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Being sick in Queenstown is better than being earthquaked in Christchurch.
We had quite a rough night last night here in Queenstown. We missed out on the large aftershock in Christchurch, but children vomitting is also quite traumatic.

Three of our kids all started vomitting at 1am. But one of them didn't. So we're not sure if it was bad sausages, bad icecream, bad sushi, bad candy or dehydration from the spa pool. My husband is the marvelous sick-cleaner-upperer-in-the-middle-of-the-night. How did I get so lucky with him?
I can clean up anything else, but vomit is one of those things that I can't handle very well.

When my sister and I were earning money to go overseas back when we were kids, we worked together at an old people's home. We had a deal with each other. I cleaned up the poo for her if she cleaned up the vomit for me. It worked really well.

But the children are all pretty much ok this morning, but it means a day at home here at the resort being unsociable; watching MacGyver, doing jigsaws, playing Monopoly. Quite nice really, but I miss out on the
1 and a 1/2 hour prepaid facial and manicure at a local spa that Robin surprised me with yesterday.
But I can do it tomorrow.

And there's no snow here in Queenstown - so I guess we're not missing out on too much.

 And who can complain with this scenery . . .

And this to look at from our balcony . . . (see: middle of winter and no snow. Strange)!


Cottage Tails said...

yucky poor everyone & while on holiday too!
Hope all feeling better now & you got to go to the spa for a bit of pampering.
Queenstown looks beautiful - never been there - on my bucket list.
Love Leanne

liz said...

Ooh I hate sick too, yuck! Luckily I have a hubbie who can handle it too. When I was a nurse I always used to ring the bell and head for the loo if someone had been sick. Strange really as I have no worries with poo! The views are beautiful, what a fabulous place to live, I only hope I can visit one day!

Cate said...

Oh dear - hoping that the vomiting passes real quick and that you can go back to enjoying that wonderful location.

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