Nightgowns for Alice

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
With so many lovely fabrics available now, I wanted to make some really pretty nighties for Alice this year.

I have an old pattern that I have used over and over for nightwear for my older daughter, and now for my younger. Except when I pulled it out on Saturday I found that the sleeve was missing! But I have been teaching myself a little bit of pattern drafting this year (something I've always wanted to learn), and actually managed to draw up a sleeve to fit the pattern. And you know what? It worked! Perfectly! Amazing.

So here are the two nighties for Alice - the same pattern with different embelishments.

This first one is in a thin cotton floral..

And today I finished this second one made with a lovely soft blue flannel that I bought from Stitch last week. To make it even prettier I embroidered some little rosebuds along the neckline.
And learned how to do these same little rosebuds in a button. But it killed my fingers! Must use thimble next time.

But they look so sweet, so I will probably do it again. I did think about selling them, but they have to actually be sewn onto the garment, so I don't know if there's any way you could sell them unattached. Oh well.

So Miss Alice is all set for the cold winter nights. And I think I'll be popping back into Stitch again tomorrow when I'm in that part of town to pick up some more of their delicious patterned flannel for another project.


Hootnz said...

gorgeous nightgowns, and I love the rose embellishments! snuggly and warm! Lovely :)

Cate said...

The nightgowns and embroidery are just gorgeous Rachel!

jackie said...

The nighties are gorgeous, you make the most lovely things. I had a go at making the cushion you made, and it was great, really quick. I made it for my 13 year old, and of course have to make one each for the younger two now!

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