A Morning at the Farmer's Market

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Because we were the first up and dressed and organised, Teddy and I went down to the Farmer's Market this morning. This is something I really enjoyed doing when I was in Auckland over the summer, and was so happy to hear that our own local market is large and thriving.

One good thing that has come out of the earthquake is that so many displaced market venders from the city are coming out here to ours, so the stalls have grown and doubled - tripled, probably.

Because we are local, we know the good places to park, and the secret path that takes us into the back of the market.

It was busy again today. Lots of people, lots of stalls, lots to choose from. One place selling quince $2 for a large brown paper bag. One place selling them for $3 for 2 kg (which is only about 3 large quince).

Teddy loved the free-tasting. He said he's worked out a way to get free things - you just smile at the ladies and they give you food.
He told me to try it, but I said it wouldn't work for me as I wasn't a cute 6 year old boy.

But we came home with some lovely produce, and the very famous BeeStings, sold by a bakery. I bought 5! To go around everyone, of course. A thin sweet bread with the lightest, fluffiest, creamiest custard sandwiched in the middle and a sweet crumble on top. So decadent. So absolutely compulsory.

I also bought local blue cheese; more Quince for jelly; and a big bag of walnuts.

A worthwhile morning - the kids have been cracking the walnuts already - just have to make sure there's enough left over for my baking.
And the last photo is of a beautiful autumnal tree at the edge of the village park, as we came around the corner to sneak into the market via our secret path.


Cottage Tails said...

Good on Teddy!
Farmers markets are doing well in NZ aye.
The Beestings look yum!

liz said...

What a fab farmers market! I love it. We visit markets here, but yours looks amazing! I love the smell of quince. My mum has a tree in her garden. It makes delicios jelly. Lovely.

The cakes look delicious, I am meant to be dieting, but have just made a very indulgent Simnel cake for Easter, it looks so good!!

Its so strange to think of you having Autumn while we are just getting into Spring! The tree looks beautiful in its Autumn colours. Autumn is a fantastic time of year. I love to make jam and chutney and stock up for Winter. Have a great weekend!

Julze said...

I must make a point of getting to our farmers markets on a Saturday. looks like you purchased some great things. Have a lovely day!

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