Cooking Class at Jo Seagar's

Friday, April 22, 2011
It's so nice living less than half an hour from Jo Seagar's cafe. And her cooking classes.
Although I can't admit that I've ever had enough spare cash or the free time to attend any of her grown-ups classes, at least my daughter has been able to go.
In the school holiday's, Seagars holds two hour classes for children, and yesterday Meredith and her best friend Susie were able to go.
The classes are kept small, and when I dropped the girls off I could see a table laden with large white boxes. I couldn't wait to hear how it had gone.

When I picked them up, the two girls were super excited. They'd had a wonderful time. When I asked if it was fun, they both said, "We loved it"!!

In the two hours they managed to make four things: Cupcakes, Marshmallow hotcross buns, chicken wrap, Savoury Potato skins and they were given a Banana and Blueberry Smoothie as a snack. They came home with free gifts and the recipes of the things they made.

The cupcakes had these cute little chocolate cups on the top. The girls had to make them by hand. Don't they look great!

I would have liked to have got more photos of the things they made, but these two are the only surviving ones today. Here is the chicken wrap.

It was not cheap to do this class ($50), but the girls really enjoyed themselves and as they don't see much of each other during term time, it was nice for them to have this special time out doing something rather nice.


Cottage Tails said...

Lucky lucky gals!
Wish the mums prices were that aye.
Love leanne

Farm Girl said...

What a day! They look pretty pleased with themselves, and that food looks great.

Cate said...

Oh exactly what Leanne said!!

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