Project 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011
I am joinging in with Cate and a bunch of other inspirational women to blog about my goals for 2011 and how I'm coming along with them. It's just the right sort of thing for me, because usually I start these goals with great enthusiasm, and then they slowly but surely disappear into the mist of reality, known as life with four kids, a house to clean, places to go, food to cook, etc. You know how it is! But this is the year I will turn 40, so I'm determined to give it a good shot, and really accomplish something that doesn't involve potty training and marking school tests.

If you want to join in, just hop on over to Cate's place,
The first thing on my list is getting my online felt shop (a local version of etsy) up and running really well this year, with a well-stocked shop. I'm not giving the link here, because it's pretty much empty at the moment, apart from the personalised pillows, which I am going to take off, and although these have been reasonably lucrative for me, it is just too much work at this time of my life. I would much rather sit and sew little things in the quiet of the evenings while watching something on TV or chatting with my husband and friends, than stress myself out with the pillows. They are fun to make, but they sure take a lot of time.

So I'm giving my shop a re-vamp. I might even think about a new name for it. I have lots of inspiration, lots of ideas of things to make to put on there. It mostly involves quilts and quilting and embroidery and a little bit of sewing.

So, I'm off to a good start. Hopefully, I'll be able to follow it through to fulfillment.


Cate said...

I know that you'll do it too Rachel - your sewing work is just gorgeous, and I'll be the first to sign up for any tutorials!

Anonymous said...

Your header is AMAZING! I love the ship and the water.
Good luck with your new venture. I so admire crafty folks.
I'm doing the Project 2011 as well.

Cottage Tails said...

I hadn't come across Flet it before - ohh wow - soo many ideas!

Off for a cuppa & a looky

Dying to see what you are planning to make! What a busy gal you will be.

Love Leanne

Mrs M said...

Love the look of that quilt... would love to see more of it!

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